Jason & Josh

Josh And Jason

Jason & Josh are the music guys at J&J Music and 2 of Seattle’s premier live musicians and music curators/creators.

Years ago the 2 met via Myspace.com when Jason was looking for a local group that could join his dance band The Water Babies for a show at at the Tractor Tavern. That’s where Josh’s funk/soul band Soul Kata came in and well…as they say the rest is history.

The two like minded music pro’s hit it off immediately on and off the stage. Josh soon ended up joining Jason’s wedding band the Jason Parker Quartet, and as years and countless gigs went by they eventually decided to team together and do something awesome. It was becoming clear after several years of playing throughout the Greater Northwest that there really was an incredible amount of opportunities for live music. Jason and Josh recognized this abundance and felt they could spread the wealth by connecting Brides & Grooms & Various other clients with their dream live music situation.

They did exactly this and for the past 8 years they’ve produced countless successful live music events for happy customers in all corners of WA and beyond.